Bistro Smart Coronado Island Eats

The Bistro d’Asia was featured on eCoronado in their Smart Island Eats: Vegetarian and Other Healthy Dining Options Around Town article.

Bistro d Asia Monks Vegetarian Curry
Bistro d' Asia Monks Vegetarian Curry

From eCoronado:

Bistro d’Asia is a great choice for vegetarians and meat-lovers alike. Though their menu includes a five-item vegetarian selection, one of my favorite choices is the vegetarian lettuce wrap appetizer: a tasty mixture of ground tofu, water chestnuts, mushrooms, and hoisin sauce. Served with a half a head of lettuce for wrapping, this meatless dish is a relatively healthy option when craving Asian-inspired cuisine. Adding a side of brown rice will transform this appetizer into a fulfilling meal.

The Bistro actually has a large selection of vegetarian dishes and the staff is good at accommodating requests to omit meat, etc and or substitute tofu in most dishes.

Two of my favorites are the Temple Style Eggplant and the Heavenly Noodles. For a smaller serving, I also like the Garlic Noodles.

Which vegetarian dish is your favorite?