Siam Lettuce Wraps

Billy R ~ Coronado: Bistro d’ Asia has the best sesame chicken in the world. And on top of that one friggen great sushi bar.  It’s a great place to get some chow… 5 out of 5.

Josh C ~ Coronado: The location in the heart of Coronado is great, but it is the service and variety of quality food that make Bistro D’Asia a must. The Sesame Chicken, Waikiki Chicken, and steamed rice are all favorites, but anything on the menu will satisfy your hunger and leave you wanting a return trip to this sleek eatery.

Dawn H ~ Coronado: OK, I finally found my hot and sour soup on this island!  And it was delicious!  Any discriminating Chinese food lover knows you can tell a place by how good their hot and sour soup is!  This place rocks it!  Great flavor, lots of ‘goodies’!  We also got the lettuce wraps!  Yummie!  I will be a regular!

Frank S ~ Coronado: I go here regularly. I really like the hurricane sushi roll. I like to substitute chicken for the walnut shrimp dish.  I have also been there with a large group for happy hour, and they accommodated separate checks.  The owner/manager is friendly and it is where a lot of locals go to eat.

Carrie N ~ Chandler, AZ: This locale was recommended by friends of ours.  I was a bit hesitant because I have Celiac Disease and I didn’t think they had a gluten free menu.  When we walked in (around 5 p.m. on Thurs pm), it was a bit empty (nothing too surprising for the time of day).  We were seated immediately.  I mentioned to the server who greeted us immediately that I was gluten free.  She said that they didn’t have a menu but that she knew there were several options.  She spent a good amount of time talking to their chef (which I could see from our seat) and came back well informed.  She not only went above and beyond detailing what the options were, she informed me that the chef would customize anything I wanted.  I ordered the Kung Pao Shrimp which would need to be altered a bit so I wouldn’t get sick.  Well, not only did I not get sick but the meal was amazing.  The flavors were dynamic without being overwhelming.  I was surprised how much I absolutely loved my meal.  I wanted to clean my plate but their portions were large enough that this was clearly not an option.  My fiance had Cashew Chicken which he also loved (I could not taste it).  Our service was impeccable.  The server came back several times.  It was the first time that I was able to actually eat a tasty, enjoyable Asian meal without having to worry whether or not the chef really was on the same page as me.  I was so surprised by the amazing service that I not only tipped the server but the chef too.  I’m sure my tip didn’t make a huge difference to him but I wanted him to know that the extra effort and consideration was truly appreciated it.  I felt the prices were right in line.  I was surprised they weren’t a bit higher being we were in Coronado.  Overall, I would highly recommend this place.  I intend to be a repeat customer.

Bob M ~ Coronado: The sushi here is terrific!  The hardest part is having to decide on which rolls to try. If you like scallops, the Hart’s roll is a must. This is a combo of spicy scallops, tempura shrimp, and avocado wrapped in soy paper. Another hit with us was the Dirty Vegas Roll made with spicy tuna, soft shell crab and pepper seared ahi on top. Great selection of chilled sake, filtered and unfiltered. Great outdoor patio, good quality sushi, and prices are fair.

LTine B ~ Virginia Beach: I have been here twice and felt like I needed a wheelchair both times to be removed from the premises, the food was so good.

The first time I went was with my in laws early last year and when they came in for a visit this Spring, this is where they suggested we go. Each time we went with parties of 6-8 and we all ordered our dishes and then did the pass around. PLENTY of food. All of the dishes were good and were eaten down to the last bite.

When we went this last April, our server was very busy, it actually looked like he was the only one in the restaurant at the time, but he still was very helpful, distinguishing which dishes were better than others and walked us through the list of Sakes, very patiently.

I would suggest this place for a fancier Asian experience – and by fancier I mean not in Chinese boxes and styrofoam containers.

Cynthia T ~ San Diego: A great place to go during the day on weekends as it is usually not as busy.  I’ve tried several entrees, but the two I like best are the sesame chicken–great, the dinner size is big enough for two, and the special fried rice.  I also love their crispy calamari salad.

Fran M ~ Mission Viejo: I love this place.  I usually order from the sushi bar, though the Peking duck with buns is quite good, and so are the pot stickers.  Portions could be a little more generous to be honest, especially that small bowl of Miso soup.

Samantha O ~ Mesa AZ: I love this sushi spot for lunch! Their lunch special is great and so much food. If it had a view of the ocean it would be perfect!

Jack K ~ Washington DC: I love this place!  I always get the Velvet Egg Drop soup and it is wonderful.  Today I got the Beef and Brocoli dish with wide rice noodles and it was delicious.  Definitely not a very fancy place but I love it.

And the service has always been great.  They passed my Diet Coke test (multiple refills without having to ask or wait forever) and their bathroom was clean.

John B ~ San Diego: I like Bistro d’Asia, especially for lunch.  There is great outdoor seating, and the staff is very dog-friendly, which is perfect after a trip to Coronado Dog Beach.  The lunch specials are a great value at $11 including soup and drink.  I’ve always left this restaurant happy.  The food quality and quantity are great. Good people-watching on Orange Avenue.

Brian B ~ Livermore CA: A pretty cool place. The food is good. The bar is very cool. Nice outdoor seating. The place is on Coronado’s main drag (Orange Ave.) but is on a corner so the patio is not right on Orange. Get the lettuce chicken wraps and a nice martini or beverage of your choice. Within and easy walk to the Del if you’re mad at your money and choose to stay there.

Cindy: UNBELIEVABLY FANTASTIC!  Bistro D’ Asia was a great find.  Found the restaurant from another website, restaurant.com and could not have been more pleased. We enjoyed the “Dirty Vegas” especially, a succulent roll topped with a chipolte cream sauce.  Tasty!!  We were also pleased with the octopus and the 9 piece sashimi.  Service was great, comfortable seating, nice ambience, no wait and a pleasant visit to our table from the owner.  Seriously, I have no affiliation w/this restaurant but I think little unknown places like this deserve a rave review!   Enjoy!!

SandyBeachTraveler55: We visit Coronado every summer, but we only recently stopped in at Bistro D’asia. The food was excellent – we enjoyed the Peking Duck appetizers and Potstickers along with California Rolls to start. We ordered 2 entrees for our party of 4 (beef & broccoli with noodles and Honey Walnut Shrimp). Everything was yummy.

The restaurant was busy, but the hostess was great. We were seated within 10 minutes. Good food / Good prices. We will definitely be back on our next visit!

Bakesie: We ate here during 4th of July weekend. It was packed. The atmosphere was great because the restaurant was packed with people. We ordered sushi and liked all of the items we ordered. I also had the “Temple Eggplant” (sauteed in brown sauce) – very good.

Michelle Rose Hammett ~ Coronado: MY FAVORITE RESTAURANT BY FAR!!! I try to convince my dad we need to eat here at least once a week!!! Fabulous sushi and wonderful dishes!! I love the pizza roll, double double. Hot food I like is sesame chicken, mongolian beef, and the lettuce wrap appetizer.

Tom R ~ Coronado: Fantastic Sushi. Great for an evening out for all occasions. The food and service are enjoyable.

Joey Langerman ~ Coronado: This is our family favorite restaurant as well. There is something for everyone in our family. My brother loves the Vietnamese white fish, while I prefer sushi and appetizers. The potstickers are the best.

Cyndi Davidson ~ Coronado: Great place to have lunch with friends. They have a yummy, affordable lunch menu and its usually not crowded mid-day.

Denise E Jones ~ Coronado: We visit Eric at the sushi bar, weekly. He creates innovative special rolls and a fabulous calamari seaweed salad!

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