Coronado Sushi Ingredients

Bistro d’Asia Sushi Cheat Sheet

Bistro d’Asia offers a fantastic selection of sushi and sashimi to delight your taste buds. But, if you want something specific or would like one of our sushi chefs create a special roll just for you, here are the ingredients we always have on hand ~

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Coronado Sushi Ingredients

Our Sushi & Sashimi

The ingredients are listed in English and in Japanese.

Albacore / Shiro Maguro     ~ a small tuna; soft & buttery and milder in taste compared to regular tuna

Eel / Unagi                                ~ cooked with a sweet, but earthy aroma; soft, fluffy, and very flaky

Egg / Tamago                         ~ a sweet egg omelet

Flying Fish Roe / Tobiko          ~ very small crunchy eggs, strong aroma with a slight dry aftertaste

Giant Clam / Mirugai            ~ very crunchy, and has a strong ocean scent which is accentuated with a faint sweet taste

Halibut / Hirame                     ~ white fish with a delicate taste with a barely detectable earthy tone

Mackerel / Saba                     ~ cured for sushi & has a very rich in oil and has a slight dry aftertaste

Octopus / Tako                       ~ poached to release the sweet aromas & flavor

Quail Egg / Uzura                   ~ a delicate, creamy egg served raw

Red Snapper / Tai                  ~ white fish with a delicate sweet aroma, watery rather than dense

Salmon / Sake                          ~ oily fish that has a mild to strong flavor along with a rich and semi-soft texture

Salmon Egg / Ikura                ~ smooth, light & enjoyable texture – these eggs just explode in your mouth

Scallops / Hottate                  ~ softest sushi shellfish, sweetness of the scallop is easily tasted due to its high glycogen content

Sea Urchin / Uni                       ~ a delicacy ranging in color from yellow to bright orange; a strong ocean scent, very creamy & rich

Shrimp / Ebi                              ~ sweet flavored, lightly cooked or fried in tempura batter

Skipjack / Kanpachi               ~ smallest sushi tuna, a wonderful fish with an enjoyable “wild” flavor

Smelt Roe / Masago              ~ smallest of the roes, it is moderately crunchy, reddish orange in color

Spanish Mackerel / Aji           ~ one of the tastiest, and healthiest fish, it is plump and has a mild oily texture

Squid / Ika                                ~ opaque white, very stiff compared to fishes; as you chew it becomes creamy & releases sweet flavors

Tuna / Maguro                        ~ firm flesh with a simple, yet robust flavor

Yellowtail / Hamachi             ~ a very oily texture with light red flesh, it is rich with deep flavors

Other Japanese Ingredients

Burdock Root / Yamagobo                        ~ taste similar to carrots in vinegar

Citrus Soy Sauce / Ponzu Sauce                ~ lemon & soy based; tart & tangy

Dried Bonito Shavings / Katsuo-Bushi      ~ flakes of dried, smoked bonito fish, a type of tuna

Dried Seaweed  / Wakame                        ~ sea vegetable, or edible seaweed with a subtly sweet flavour

Japanese Horseradish / Wasabi                ~ root vegetable grated into a green paste; strong hot temporary flavour

Japanese Mint / Shiso                                  ~ Aromatic tasty flavored leaf, a member of the mint and basil families

Radish / Daikon                                              ~ pearly white Japanese radish

Roasted Seaweed / Nori                             ~ thin, dried seaweed sheets

Seaweed Salad / Chukka Salad               ~ seasoned seaweed salad with a uniquely refreshing and crunchy taste

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